What makes a person mature

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In march 2008 our beloved son-in-law breathed his last breath. He left behind him his wife(our daughter) and two sons. Elder one P was nine years old and younger one J was four years old then.

During their father’s last hours these two boys were left in the house with some relatives ; while all of us were in the hospital. While returning from the hospital all of us promised to each other that we would not reveal the fact to P until next day morning before his father’s body is brought home. We returned home keeping our faces as sober as possible. Whenever anybody could not control, they would go to some other room and cry silently.

Next day morning we gave the elder one early breakfast and prepared our selves to reveal the fact to him. Our son some how gathered courage and told him every thing. P cried hard for half an hour.

After half an hour, he wiped his tears and announced that he will tell his younger brother about his father’s death.

He fetched from somewhere his father’s shirt and wore it. He went to his brother and woke him up.

The conversation went like this:

“Annayya(big brother) why are you wearing daddy’s shirt?”

“J ! from today on wards I will be your daddy”

“But why annayya?”

“Because our daddy is no more.”

“What is that no more annayya?”

“He went to meet God and will never come back”

“Then you will be my daddy?”

“Yes .That’s why I am wearing this shirt”

J sat on his bed and hugged his annayya tightly.

“chinna daddy!” (little daddy) he said still hugging.

From that day on wards P behaved like a father with his brother.

Today J is afraid of nobody except his brother.

What one thing makes someone a very mature person?


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