Translation of Sreelu Pongina Jeevagaddai’s song

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I am translating the original song written by Sri Rayaprolu Subba Rao

The lyrics given on some other sites have some mistakes, though the meaning is same.

But we we have to keep the original lyrics of the poet.

The eternal living place from where wealth has flown,

The wealthy place where milk has flown,

Descended into this continent India,

Sing the song(of India) with devotion O brother!

All the branches of Vedas birthed here.

The first ever poetry blossomed here.

For the divine rishis like Badarayana(Vyasa),

This(India) is the birth place. O sister !

Crowned with trees in the forests,

The nectar of upanishads is sprinkled here.

Broad mindedness spread every where,

This is the unblemished land O brother!

(from) the sharp knives of Pandavas,

Sparked the great war story,

Enriched the language Telugu,

Sing together the song O sister !

Make the pride of the nation glow,

And the history of the nation shine,

The warriors that were born in the nation.

Know them and sing a song(of them) O brother !

(the one who) terrorized the entire world,

Kakateeya’s knowledge of war,

(use) powerful words which are not worn out,

Group them together and sing a song O sister !

Combining the best (tune) on  veena,

Which can melt even the  hardest of stones,rising your tone,

Bala Bharata as sweet as milk,

Sing a song of that path O sister !

with the breaking waves of Tungabhadra,

which is overflows and touches the sky,

(of) The Telugu kings who never gave up,

Sing a song (of them) O brother !

సెలవా మరి!

(C): Avadhanula Vijaya Lakshmi

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